Modern Instruments


Our office is equipped with the latest instrumentation in order for us to provide you with the most accurate and complete eye care service and products available.

Our computerized refractor electronically “reads” your eye and prints out your prescription in less than a minute. This aids in your eye exam and helps ensure total accuracy in your final prescription.

Our Topographer creates a color coded topographical map of the surface of your cornea. This allows us to see very early changes, and gives us the ability to discover conditions such as keratoconus at its initial stages.

Our automatic lensometer measures the prescription in your glasses within an eighth unit of power at the touch of a button. This way, you can be sure the doctor’s prescription is properly filled.

Our retinal camera takes instant permanent photographs of the sensitive tissues of your eyes. This allows us to accurately evaluate nay possible changes that my occur in the future.

Our computerized perimeter is used to scan your visual field and detect any otherwise undetectable areas of visual loss due to certain conditions such as glaucoma.

Our pupilometer, developed in France, accurately measures the distance between your eyes. This advanced method of taking this important measurement is needed for fabrication of eyewear to exact specifications and is much more precise than old fashioned measurements made with a ruler.


Our office has hours that are convenient with Saturday hours available for those who need it.


In order to avoid unnecessary delays, an appointment is recommended. We will, however, provide walk-in service whenever possible. Emergencies have priority.


Our office accepts many insurance plans. Our staff will be happy to assist you with answers regarding any insurance coverage you might have.

Eye care is a primary health need

Next to life itself, G-d’s most precious gift is sight. Your eyes deserve the finest care you can give them. Our office is dedicated to assist in this work.

Having your eyes examined can be a pleasant, painless, and satisfying experience. In our office we try to answer any questions you may have about your eyes, the examination, contact lenses, eyewear and laser correction alternat

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